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Everything that is going on around us influences us and how we deal with the world, but these external experiences are just one part of it. Our internal experiences also have a tremendous effect on the way we think, feel,  and act.

Rush hour traffic, super crowded public transportation, challenging situations at work, difficult personal relationships, health issues; the lives we are living present countless daily stressful situations. We do not notice how stress affects us because it seems to be routine, a normal part of modern life. However, these everyday annoyances are often at the root, and can lead to us experiencing accumulated chronic stress. So how do we deal with this? How can we manage stress?

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We have all done, and will continue to do what we can to take care of what is important to us from an outside perspective. That is not only vital but also wonderful. Unfortunately, the majority of us were never taught how to explore the vastness that exists inside of us.

Ask yourself, what are you doing to take care of what is going on in the world inside of you? Let’s have a look at what is happening in our bodies.  Regular activation of the flight/fight response in non-life-threatening stressful situations can weaken our health.

Changes in Physiology:

  • Increase in stress hormones
  • Increase in blood pressure, heart stress
  • Increase in blood sugar
  • Decrease in circulation to digestive tract
  • Decrease in immunity
  • Increase in sticky platelets

Leads to:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Anxiety, insomnia, addictions
  • Diabetes, obesity
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Premature aging
  • Infections, inflammations
  • Heart attacks, strokes

Stress is the seed of illness. It is not a mystery. It has been scientifically studied  and there are numerous publications showing this. It is old news. What is good and exciting news is that we live in a time of options. One of these options, as so many of us have already heard about, is meditation.

Meditation offers us an opportunity to explore the inside aspect of who we are. The equally vast world that exists inside of each one of us. The way to deal with stress comes from within.

Restful awareness… that is what meditation can bring you. It will not help you pay the bills, it will not make your boss less annoying, and will definitely not make a seat magically appear on a full train before 9 am. But it will empower you with the ability to respond to life’s circumstances rather than always reacting to them and feeling burned out at the end of the day.

During meditation, the body shifts into a state of restful awareness, which counterbalances the flight/fight response. Here is how you can benefit from tis:

  • Breathing slows
  • Heart rate slows
  • Blood pressure normalizes
  • Adrenal glands produce less adrenaline and cortisol
  • More rejuvenating hormones are produced
  • Immune function improves

If you are reading this, at this point, I consider my mission accomplished. I just wanted to share a little bit of information that could be of value to you. The best though, is yet to come… the chance to see you at our workshop at Ace Sports Clinic! During the workshop you will be lead to try a few simple meditation options that you can easily incorporate into your life. We are so excited to welcome you!

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