Types of Injuries we treat at Ace Sports Clinic

 We are often asked: “What types of injuries do you treat at Ace Sports Clinic?”

While back pain, neck and shoulder pain, tendonitis and muscle strains are common, we also assist with the rehabilitation of traumatic sporting injuries.

Like the one sustained by one of our clients Neil, while Heli-skiing off-piste recently in British Columbia.

Neil sustained a fractured clavicle that required surgical repair and stabilization.


2 days later – Neil visited Ace Sports Clinic to start some gentle massage which helped him cease pain medication

3 days later – Neil commenced some gentle restorative Yoga aimed at keeping other regions of his body moving

6 days later – Neil returned to his regular spin class using only his right arm for support

16 days later – Neil started singles squash lessons with a pro

A positive mindset, good treatment and advice has allowed Neil to resume his active lifestyle with some modifications.  He will review with his surgeon soon and is already planning his next Heli-skiing trip once his clavicle is 100% healed.  He works daily on his exercises prescribed by our Physiotherapist.

Neil has inspired us all at Ace Sports Clinic and shown the resilience of the human body.  We are honored to have played a part in Neil’s recovery.

Come visit us today and let one of our experts help you ‘live well and keep playing’, whatever your sport may be.