Federer does it again!

Tennis champion Roger Federer has defied the odds and recently become the first player to reach 18 grand slam wins.

After about 6 months out of the game, recovering from a knee injury, he came back to win the Australian Open.

Ace Sports Clinic’s Luke Fuller was down under at the Australian open series treating the male players.

Luke’s family caught up with Rafael Nadal

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If you play tennis, golf, soccer or have children who play sports, the Ace Sports Clinic team has the expertise and experience to elevate your game.

Our therapists have multiple skill sets – our Chiropractor is also a high level player and tennis coach; our Registered Massage Therapist is studying Osteopathy; and our Physiotherapist was a key member of the Toronto Pan Am games.  Come in today to experience ‘the Ace Difference’.


Tennis is a game of skill, speed and strategy.  It involves a player possessing strength, endurance and good hand-eye coordination.  The effectiveness and efficiency of a player’s court movement and tennis strokes is an important component of successful tennis play.

Ace Sports Clinic’s practitioners have years of experience treating and rehabilitating tennis injuries in tennis players of all ages.

Tennis injuries can affect the entire body due to the multi-directional nature of the sport.  Common injuries include :

  • Spinal injuries such as facet joint sprains and lumbar disc bulges
  • Muscle strains particularly of the thigh, abdomen and shoulder
  • Joint sprains like ankle ligament sprains, and knee ligament injuries (particularly on hard courts)
  • Labral tears of the hip and shoulder
  • Tendinopathies including rotator cuff and tennis elbow

As you can see from the above list, our bodies need to be well prepared to withstand the physical demands of tennis.

Visit our clinic today, for expert advice on rehabilitation, injury management and preventing injuries so you can stay on the court and enjoy all the positive health benefits of tennis.

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