Chiropractic at Ace Sports Clinic

What does a Chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists who assess, diagnose, and treat issues related to human biomechanics, soft tissue, joints, and nerves.  These issues can range from sports injuries to chronic arthritis.  At Ace Sports Clinic, treatment with your chiropractor will typically involve a combination of soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization/manipulation, rehabilitation, exercise prescription, and acupuncture.  Of course, the treatment modalities selected by your chiropractor will be based specifically on your requirements / preferences and will vary from person to person.

How can Chiropractic help?

  1. Relieve your pain and improve your function

Simply put, we can help people in pain.  If you are suffering from joint pain, nerve pain, a muscle strain or ligament sprain, your chiropractor will be able to identify the source of the problem and provide you with solutions for lasting results.

  1. Screen for joint health to improve your movement

Regardless if you are in pain or not, screening for joint health is important for any active person.

When you visit your family doctor, you get a “physical” to assess your general health and identify areas that can be improved like blood pressure.  When you visit your chiropractor at Ace Sports Clinic, you will receive a comprehensive “physical evaluation” that will identify joints that may be at increased risk for injury and areas that could be hindering your movement and potentially altering your bodies performance.  Once these areas have been identified, your chiropractor will provide you with tailor-made strategies to prevent injury, improve your movement, posture and performance.

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