All sweat is not equal: Know what you’re getting for your sweating!

Pilates exercises have become very popular among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, trainers and physiotherapists.  Pilates has the ability to train “the core” to “strengthen and lengthen” your muscles, and improve posture.  It is also an intelligent tool used to re-educate faulty movement patterns, including inefficient breathing mechanics, and to activate and tone your pelvic floor muscles (especially after childbirth).  It improves balance in muscle synergy and spatial dynamic balance.

by Alicia Malcolm Anderson – Pilates Instructor at Ace Sports Clinic

You can do any form of Pilates and find benefit, but if you’re looking to rehab an injury, manage low back or neck pain, seek pre – or postnatal care or to really take your performance to the next level, at Ace Sports Clinic we offer Clinical Pilates as part of a team approach, which is based on world class research and implementation.  Our team are very familiar with the original journal articles and the “science” behind Pilates.

Our goal is to be effective and leave you feeling educated and moving better than when we found you, not just sweatier and less stressed.

Ace Sports Clinical Pilates is a form of resistance exercise which includes a repertoire of hundreds of choreographed exercises designed to challenge your neuro-muscular system, strengthen throughout range and to train your co-ordination.  By the nature of how it is taught it also offers an opportunity for intricate understanding of your anatomy, function and movement patterns; by bringing awareness through palpation and teaching segmental movement and muscle activation.  This understanding of your body is generally not part of large, impersonal Pilates classes at your local gym.

At Ace Sports Clinic, we believe you can only improve to the degree you know your limitations.  This takes an expert assessment which is part of our Ace Clinical Pilates approach.

We treat what we test.  We observe how you move and where you generate movement.  We educate and work together to eliminate insufficiencies and excessive movement to help you become more efficient and reduce harm.  We provide an exceptional standard of care and achieve rapid results.

Not all Pilates is TAUGHT to equal EFFECT.  Generic exercise produces generic results.  Specific training using a specific tool in a specific direction yields targeted results.  This is the personalized approach we use at Ace Sports Clinic, which impacts not only on your quality of movement but response to pain, ability to function and perform at your highest level.

Performing exercises that are customized to your movement pattern incoordination, muscle timing delays or strength imbalances, may result in immediate increases in performance, whereas performing exercises biased in the incorrect direction may result in decreased performance.

We want to be specific and accurate, because the power of what we do is in the subtlety.  Precise and mindful movement has the capacity to create radical transformation in the body.  It’s no coincidence the ‘best, most efficient movers’ in any sport generally have the least injuries…think Roger Federer in Tennis.

For profound results, from Rehabilitation to Peak physical performance – Clinical Pilates tailored to your specific needs, trust Ace Sports Clinical Pilates.  Let our professional exercise experts get you on the right track with an Assessment and personalized Pilates program today.

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